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QuickDecision℠ Term Life Insurance? Term Life Insurance is high-quality coverage with competitive rates designed exclusively for physicians and their spouses under age 45. You pay for protection and in return know that if your loved ones were to unexpectedly lose you, at least they would have financial help at such a difficult time.

This plan was specifically designed to help younger physicians provide loved ones with significant life insurance protection, even if they are also still paying off loans. This coverage pays in addition to any other life insurance coverage you might have. It’s an effective way to put the financial knowledge and physician-first focus of AMA Insurance QuickDecision℠ on your family’s side. Plus, the QuickDecision℠ process means that once you apply, you can receive a decision quickly, often on the same day.

This coverage is available exclusively to physicians and their spouses or domestic partners who apply while under age 45 that reside in the U.S. The coverage is renewable to age 96, as long as the group policy remains in effect and premiums are paid when due.

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Applying for QuickDecision℠ Term Life Insurance doesn’t usually require a medical exam. Acceptance is based on your answers to health questions, and other information you provide or give us permission to obtain.

In rare cases, a medical exam may be required if additional information is needed. You’ll be notified if this is the case after you apply.

No. As soon as you are approved, we will send you a Certificate of Insurance along with your first premium notice.

If you change your mind, you can return your certificate within 30 days after you receive it, without claim, to have your coverage invalidated, and get a full refund of any premium paid — no questions asked.

Medical underwriting is a process used by insurance companies to determine your health status when you’re applying for insurance, in order to decide whether to offer you coverage, at what price, and with what exclusions or limits.

For QuickDecision℠ Term Life Insurance, underwriting is based on your answers to health questions, and other information you provide or give us permission to obtain.

Note: when applying for insurance, your information may be shared with other insurers through MIB, Inc. (formerly known as Medical Information Bureau). MIB is a not-for-profit membership organization of insurance companies which operates an information exchange on behalf of its members to assess an individual’s risk and eligibility during underwriting.

Benefits payable for death due to suicide, while sane or insane, during the first two years of coverage (one year for residents of Missouri) are limited to a refund of total premiums paid.

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