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While everyone knows insurance is vital, choosing the right insurance can be a difficult process. Your needs change as your career path does, as well.

Let’s start with some suggestions to consider, grouped by needs that those in your career stage experience. We also encourage you to contact one of our Insurance Specialists to help guide you personally.

While medical schools often offer life and disability insurance to their students, your personal situation may require supplemental insurance protection.

While your employer likely offers group insurance options for Residents, supplementing that coverage can be a smart idea, particularly as your needs evolve.

It’s vital to take a fresh look at your insurance needs as you leave your Residency and begin your career as a physician. Many things change. Your insurance coverage should be reviewed.

Making your way along your career path, your needs will change markedly: family, practice, income, approaching retirement. What insurance considerations come along the way?

Factoring Medicare and other elements of your retirement profile, what are the best products to consider for your insurance needs?

Talk to an Insurance Specialist

While we can recommend products for each phase of your career as a physician, you may want to talk with one of our Insurance Specialists, who can work with you to recommend a more personalized array of choices. Our specialists are non-commissioned, salaried employees and have no sales quotas to meet. Their sole purpose is to serve you. Talk to us by calling 888.627.5902, 8am – 5pm (M-F, CT)

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