Advice & Resources For Practicing Physicians

Thinking about the evolution of your practice—from when your residency ended through today—it’s likely remarkable to consider the changes you’ve seen.

Practicing physicians often face a daunting series of moments in which their insurance needs can change in an instant. A new job or new role at work. Changes in your family.

AMA Insurance understands these changes and the impact they can have on your life. We have spent more than 30 years developing insurance products that offer benefits and features that respond to the unique stages of a physician’s career.

Let’s take a look below at the insurance products you may want to consider at this stage of your career. We also encourage you to contact one of our Insurance Specialists to help guide you personally.

DisabilityPro Physician Disability Insurance

DisabilityPro Own-Specialty Disability Insurance® covers you as both a physician and a medical specialist, giving you an indispensable safety net. Completely portable own-specialty disability insurance coverage helps protect your family by protecting your income with up to $15,000 in monthly benefits. Benefits may be tax free, if premiums are paid with after-tax dollars.

Level Term Life Insurance

Level term life insurance provides a valuable, predictable life insurance option. Choose your benefit up to $4 million and your term — 10 year, 15 year, or 20 year. During that time, your rate and benefit will remain unchanged. This can be ideal coverage for physicians and their families looking to help protect the future they have planned and provide for ongoing living expenses, secure a mortgage, or fund a child’s education in the event of your death. Your coverage can be customized with optional coverage riders.

Premier Accident Insurance

A serious accident can have a devastating effect on your ability to practice and your family. Premier Accident Insurance for your family provides up to $1 million in coverage in the event of an accidental death or dismemberment. This can work above and beyond any other insurance coverages you have.

Auto and Home Insurance

It’s the everyday insurance many think of, though few really consider the range of available options. With significant discounts for AMA members, it’s wise to take a fresh look at these products from Liberty Mutual as your career matures and these assets take different shapes.

Talk to an Insurance Specialist

The pages above can give you general context on the products. Talk with one of our Insurance Specialists, who can recommend  products matching the current state of your practice and family needs. Our specialists are non-commissioned, salaried employees and have no sales quotas to meet. Their sole purpose is to serve you.

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