Retirement & Estate Planning

You have access to vetted professionals through professionals in our Physicians Financial Partners Program, who can advise you on ways to preserve savings, generate income in retirement, or leave a legacy for your loved ones.

Supplemental saving beyond qualified plans

According to our Report on U.S. Physicians Financial Preparedness, most physicians (87%) have a 401k or 403b qualified savings retirement plan in place, and many max out their contribution annually. But many physicians will need 75%-85% of their pre-retirement income to maintain their lifestyle, and accumulating that much with the contribution caps placed on qualified plans can be a challenge.

Through our Physicians Financial Partners program, you have access to vetted professionals who offer other products and savings techniques to supplement your savings.

Sophisticated retirement strategies

Our Physicians Financial Partners (PFP) program was developed to provide you access to a nationwide network of vetted financial professionals with deep experience in financial planning, investment strategies, family security and taxation. A PFP professional can help you hone your retirement plan, provide you with spend-down strategies, and even insulate your retirement savings from market downturns.

Protection against potential downturns (“Bear-proofing”)
A PFP financial planner offers products that could help buffer your retirement accounts during down markets.

Get a 2nd Opinion

For physicians simply interested in a 2nd opinion, a vetted Physicians Financial Partner can provide a complimentary financial assessment. Schedule an assessment by calling 888-627-5902 or complete the Request for Information form.

To find a vetted independent Physicians Financial Partner, call 888-627-5902 or email

The tools, resources and products described above are offered through Millennium Brokerage Group, LLC, and other planning professionals. Millennium is a strategic marketing partner of AMA Insurance (AMAI) and is an approved member of AMA Insurance’s Physicians Financial Partners Program.