Life and Annuity Income Planning

Access vetted professionals through our Physicians Financial Partner program who offer products and planning concepts that can help you create guaranteed income during retirement.

The Physicians Retirement Reality

Most physicians expect to retire on a significant percentage of their final income.However, contributions limits to qualified plans (401k / 403b) and exclusions from popular savings options like Roth IRAs, can make this difficult–creating a savings gap for many physicians.

In addition, physicians should consider how market volatility, future tax rates and even potential health issues might impact their income in retirement.

Through our Physicians Financial Partners program, you now have access to independent professionals who offer strategies to address your retirement reality.

Life Income Planning

Income planning is the process of determining how much money you’ll need in retirement, and then defining where those funds will come from.An appropriate plan can help you defer, manage and reduce taxes–as well as close potential savings gaps in your retirement plan.

For some physicians, a suitably designed life insurance policy can be an effective way to save and generate income for retirement.These life income plans can offer:

  • An effective way to accumulate cash
  • Tax advantages on future income
  • Death benefit protection
  • Creditor protection (in many states)

Through our Physicians Financial Partners program, you now have access to independent professionals who can help you design a suitable life income plan.

Guaranteed Income

Some physicians may like entering retirement with the confidence of guaranteed lifetime income.These guaranteed streams of income can be generated through a variety of annuity products and structured to cover all your anticipated costs in retirement–or maybe just your fixed living costs.It’s really up to you.Whether you are focused on growing your savings while reducing risk or creating a source of lifetime income, an annuity product can be an important part of a physician’s income plan.

A variety of annuity products are available, including those that can guarantee your principal, guarantee lifetime income, or even help address long-term care funding. A vetted Physicians Financial Partner can help you explore these options.

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