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Your premiums should be based on your practice; not the guy next door. Advanced technology-enabled for ultra-precise insurance assessment.
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This conversion program runs from April 1-June 30, 2023. 

A better way to buy Medical Professional Liability Insurance.

Premiums built on better data.

For more than 35 years, AMA Insurance has worked with top-rated carriers to bring innovative insurance solutions to help physicians address their unique financial needs. The new Medical Professional Liability Insurance Plan underwritten by Indigo Risk Retention Group (Indigo) combines the benefits of solid medical malpractice insurance protection with advanced technology to offer next-generation coverage and service.

Supporting good medicine and the people who practice it.

Starting April 1, 2023, you will have the opportunity to convert your current AMA-sponsored M4 Disability Income Insurance to a $1,000 monthly disability income insurance benefit under the AMA-sponsored Young Physicians Program. This program includes your guaranteed acceptance into the AMA-sponsored Disability Income Insurance Plan for physicians with no health questions to answer or physical exams to take. You cannot be turned down for this coverage provided you are an eligible resident and your enrollment form is received during the Open Enrollment Period, April 1 – June 30.


Competitive tailored pricing.

Indigo leverages their proprietary technology to support the quoting and underwriting process. They examine thousands of data points in order to lower costs and provide comprehensive medical professional liability insurance pricing that is individualized to you and your practice.

Simplified processes.

From quote to claim every effort has been made to ease the process of doing business for all parties involved. You will easily access quotes, coverage information and support.

Select Savings.

You can enjoy additional savings when you choose to protect yourself through AMA Insurance. AMA members receive a 5% reduction off their individual premium, up to a maximum $400. Physicians who complete 1 CME credit on a qualifying topic are eligible to receive a $200 discount. And, if you are part of a physician practice, hospital, or health system with 10 or more physicians, you will receive an additional $50 savings if you have participated in a validated organizational well-being assessment within the last three years.

Rigorous defense with you in control.

Through the Medical Professional Liability Insurance Plan you will have access to a team dedicated to defending good medicine with a proactive claims approach. This team of experienced medical liability attorneys manage all claims and defense on your behalf and only with your consent to settle.

Important features.

You control the consent to settle a claim. Defense costs are in addition to the limits of liability. Coverage is written on a claims-made basis. Extended reporting coverage, Prior Acts coverage, corporate coverage and coverage for ancillary staff are available.

Financial strength.

Indigo has received an AM Best A- (Excellent) Rating, emphasizing the financial security and stability to protect its insureds through every market cycle.

A new solution for an old problem

Technology-driven partnership to provide medical professional liability insurance that are better aligned with your practice.

A time-tested trusted source

For 35 years, AMA Insurance has been a trusted source for insurance solutions tailored to the unique financial needs of physicians and their families. As a subsidiary of the American Medical Association, we tap into the power of over one million physicians to offer you specially negotiated rates and custom benefits from top insurance companies. Our team of Insurance Specialists are non-commissioned, salaried employees and have no sales quotas to meet. Anyone can sell you insurance, our Insurance Specialists are here to help you find an insurance solution to meet your financial goals.

Modern protection for today’s physician practices

Indigo has harnessed technology to serve physicians. Their Medical Professional Liability Insurance is fueled by proprietary technology that streamlines the full insurance process, providing an ease of doing business for physicians. Indigo’s tech-forward risk assessment efficiently provides custom pricing to physicians and their practices. In addition, Indigo has received an AM Best Rating of A- (Excellent).

Get more control of your liability insurance using AMA Insurance-Indigo’s advanced technology to give you rates specific to your practice and not another practice’s past.  Get a Quote Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

No monthly benefit will be paid for Disability due to:

  • Intentionally self-inflicted injury or attempted suicide, while sane or insane;
  • A declared or undeclared war or an act of war;
  • The use of any narcotic drug or other substance which is (a) subject to the Federal or the various state controlled substances acts, unless the prescription shall have been written by an Attending Physician other than you, or (b) required by law to be dispensed by prescription only and used for other than a bonafide medical purpose as it relates to you or for other than the treatment of an existing medical condition.
  • A disability that does not require the regular care of a doctor.
  • Any impairment which has been restricted from your coverage.

Benefits will not be paid, or accrued, for any period of time while you are incarcerated.

Benefits will be paid either for Injury or for Sickness, but not for both, during any concurrent period of Disability.

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Indigo Risk Retention Group, Inc.

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Medical Professional Liability Insurance

Our unique product features data-driven underwriting, a rapid quoting experience, competitive Rates and offers rigorous defense.
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AMA Insurance Agency, Inc. is a subsidiary of the American Medical Association and is licensed as an insurance producer in all 50 states.

The Medical Professional Liability Insurance Policy is underwritten by Indigo Risk Retention Group Inc., 701 East Bay Street, Suite 514, Charleston, SC 29403, under group policy NO. INDIGO-PSPL-POL-001.

Insurance is provided by Indigo Risk Retention Group Inc. This is not intended to be a solicitation or sale of insurance to any person not eligible for membership in the risk retention group.  Risk Retention Groups operate under the federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986 and provide insurance for the common liability risk exposure of eligible group members.  Different state laws may apply.  Policies issued by a risk retention group may not be subject to all of the insurance laws and regulations of your state.  State insurance insolvency guaranty funds are not available for risk retention groups.

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